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Keynote Lecture


Designing 3D Video Games with Models at Run-time

Franck Barbier
University of Pau

Brief Bio
Franck Barbier ( is full professor in software engineering at the University of Pau (France). His research activities and interests are object/component/service modeling through UML and the State Chart XML W3 standard, model-driven development, software design, test and runtime management for mobile and distributed systems, software adaptation, executable models and models at run-time. His last book is "Reactive Internet Programming – State Chart XML in Action", ACM Books, Morgan & Claypool, 2016. Beyond his academic position, Franck Barbier acts as business consultant for small, medium and large companies, as expert as well for the European Union and many French and worldwide organizations.

After 30 years, it is reasonably time to look critically at model-driven software development (MSDE). Who may nowadays claim that MSDE has been massively adopted by the software industry? Who may show numbers demonstrating that MSDE allowed/allows massive cost savings in daily software development, but, above all, software evolution? This keynote aims at showing that MSDE failed in some cases while it successes in others: "embedded models", a "composite" overview of "executable models" and "models at run-time". The keynote weakly discusses the idea and power of "embedded models" in a theoretical way. Instead, it provides feebacks and lessons learned from the use of "embedded models" for designing a professional mobile 3D video game. Models rely on the State Chart XML W3C standard and related libraries. As concrete illustration, the keynote includes demonstrations of the game.